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"Success isn't always just about the money. It's often about the ability to stick with something long enough to allow others time to see how much they need to buy what you have to offer!"
-Praise Leadership...At Work!
Entrepreneurship 101

Do you have what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur? If you answer yes to this question, then you must believe there's a world out there that needs exactly what you have to offer. You'll need money and energy to carry you through the initial start up in any business endeavor, but choosing entrepreneurship as a means to making a living, demands attention to detail and focused effort, unlike any other time in your career.

Most folks bring a wealth of practical job experience when finally making the decision to branch out on their own and become the boss. Application of that experience, coupled with several particular leadership qualities, will determine your success as an entrepreneur!

What are some of those leadership qualities?

Attitude! They say that attitude is everything. It's the first thing that people see about you even when nothing is said.

90% of performance energy comes from perception received from NON-VERBAL clues.

An attitude that says, “I can stay motivated and stick with it” is vital when weathering the ups and downs that come with starting any business endeavor.

An attitude that says, “I'm confident that I can make the right decisions” helps entrepreneurs stay positive and allows that same confident attitude to influence others.

An attitude that says, “I trust others to help me because I know I can't do it all by myself” is critical to finding others willing to support you. Your confidence in them speaks volumes.

An attitude that says, “I can take a risk and be objective about the outcome. Some risk may work and some risk may not.” This kind of attitude fosters creativity and creates a willingness to think outside the box when thinking about the end result. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Even if the risk doesn't work in your favor, you'll have learned valuable lessons from the experience. You'll be able to apply that experience to new business opportunities in the future.

An attitude that says, “I want to make a difference with what I do for others” keeps the reasons for working as an entrepreneur outwardly focused and not totally self-centered. Learning to create “ others focused business mindedness ” develops an atmosphere of support and networking opportunities that can't be beat.

As an entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience as a motivational speaker and trainer, I found myself initially conflicted on many occasions when negotiating fees for services. I had not yet proved my value to myself or to others for that matter, and as a missionary's daughter, didn't have a real clear concept about my relationship to money in general. After years of personal coaching and research, I developed a way of thinking about money that fits hand in hand with my entrepreneurial leadership skills and training…

“The more money I make, the more people I can help, and the more resources I can provide.”

Personal application of this core belief has allowed me to create profit for my business in a whole new manner. Instead of felling like I'm asking too much for the services I provide, I now look at my ability to create revenue as a means for helping others.

Becoming your own boss can be thrilling. It will take a lot of preparation, opportunity, lifestyle change that allows for long hours and hard work, and a willingness to forego a regular paycheck and all the benefits that come from a 9-5 job where someone else picks up the tab.

In time, you'll discover whether or not this kind of “work-style” is suited to your kind of personality and temperament. I'm betting if you've read this article all the way through…

It's just the job for you!

-Praise Leadership… At Work!™
Marti Miller
Marti Miller is a Keynote Speaker, Leadership Skills Trainer and Business Consultant, specializing in motivational management training. She can be reached at Praise
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