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Praise Leadership is a kind of leadership that uses encouragement and praise to lift people up and give them hope. Connections and relationships are the key to building strong and healthy partnerships, both personally and professionally. When we look for the best in others, we usually find it. Praise Leadership promotes and elevates people toward “personal brilliance.”

Praise Leadership is the kind of leadership that puts the focus on the positive aspects of life and encourages people to “Tell Me something good!” about themselves and the world they live in.

Praise Leadership goes beyond positive thinking. It uses encouragement as the means to connect others to the best parts of themselves. Praise Leadership puts the focus on the “Good things” going on. In our world today, we are trained to focus our attention on what is wrong. Praise Leadership shifts that focus and energizes the way people look at themselves and how they relate to the world around them.

Praise Leadership is an others/outward style of leadership. It derives it’s energy from finding and identifying the strengths of others. It is a kind of leadership that encourages people to “Tell Me Something Good!”

What is it?

A specific motivational tool using Dynamic Dialogue to engage people in focusing on the positive good things that are going on in their lives. TMSG requests an individual to speak about something good, either about themselves or about their community, places of work, home, friends, relationships or other “external” factors.

Why is it important?

It builds people up and helps them to develop the listening necessary for positive impact and continued growth and development. It helps them to begin to see things thru a paradigm of optimism. It helps them to refocus negative expression into positive expression. It encourages them to build upon others’ strengths instead of others’ weaknesses. People do better when they feel better. Doing creates the feeling. It is a manner of expression that starts to self empower.

How do you do it?
  • Create the environment for it; help people align their focus on the good and positive aspects of life.
  • Set the example: tell something good about someone you know or something you know about.
  • Request the same expression from others. “ Tell Me Something Good!"
  • “Lean in to listen” when connecting with the speaker. Look for the commonalities, listen for the similar connections, be with them 200%.
  • Keep your eyes on the speaker and give positive feedback through expression and body language.
  • Finish by acknowledging what was heard.
  • Encourage others to emulate the same behavior. “Share what you know so that others may grow.”

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