Motivation by Marti!

Yes! Just one simple word.
An acknowledgment of possibility and promise. An affirmation of encouragement that boldly encourages positive action!
When we face life with an expectation of hopefulness and look for ways to say Yes!... we find a world of opportunity awaits us!

The power of expectation creates a mirror by which others begin to see themselves. In most cases, increased expectations with a positive emphasis, serve to help others see possibilities differently. Heightened expectations encourages others to develop:

  • An Attitude of "people can and will!"
  • An Attitude of "things will improve and get better."
  • An Attitude of "expecting positive outcomes."

What is it?

Raising the Bar is a spoken communication that subtlely and implicitly recognizes an individual's internal brilliance and raises the expectations of their behavior to achieve it, without expressly creating formal goals.  It is a verbal means of encouraging a person to rise to their full potential.

  • “Raising the Bar" ... in people's minds and imaginations, serves in helping people to develop their creative side and identify the strengths within them.
  • "Raising the Bar" ... serves in helping people to expect the best from themselves and of others.

Why is it important?

Many times in life, we cannot see the good that others see inside ourselves. "Raising the Bar" challenges people to discover the brilliance that has always been inside. You see what they can’t see. What you see in them they live up to. Expectation defines outcome.

How do you do it?
  • Create an environment that permits mistakes and error so that learning can occur, without sacrificing the “rightness” of the standards.
  • Accept people unconditionally for who they are, but see them for who they want to be.
  • Using subtle language, help them to identify the values that are driving them.
  • Begin a conversation that helps people to identify their dreams, their passions and their potential.
  • Help them to develop the skills that will increase their personal competence.
  • Celebrate personal achievements, accomplishments and noticeable improvements.

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