Motivation by Marti!

Hope. A sense of anticipation.
An earnest and heartfelt belief that "This too shall pass"... and that things will work out ultimately.

We all want it and we all need it. It keeps our spirits open to the myriads of possibilities that occur in our lives on a daily basis. With hope, we are able to face the disappointments in life with a sense of acceptance. Hope allows us to keep moving toward those things that enrich our lives and fulfill our dreams.

What is it?

It is a belief, without evidence, in a positive outcome, that keeps people wanting to continue.

Why is it important?

It enables people to persevere using their inner strengths and authentic energy to move beyond their own limitations.

How do you do it?
  • Communicate and share stories of adversity, challenge, opposition, risk, rejection,  failure, tragedy & triumph.
  • Develop relationships with caring and appreciation, depth and connection, that can provide appropriate emotional support.
  • Use the power of language and the spirit of appreciation and caring to create energies for possibilities.
  • Be your authentic self; let others see who you really are.
  • Stay open and not attached to outcomes.
  • Find the gift in personal tragedies and failures and share your wisdom.

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