Marti Miller
has been a motivational speaker and trainer since 1983, both as a teacher and as an edutainer. She has spoken in front of audiences nationwide, providing motivational training on leadership development, integrity-driven success, and her favorite aspect of leadership, praise! She has led many interactive sessions that encourage praise leadership, refocused expectations and building better lives through becoming empowered by personal authentic energy.

As a professional trainer and public servant, Marti helps people and organizations develop the necessary leadership skills to implement the many changes that occur in the workplace. As a speaker, seminar leader, writer and consultant, she teaches people how to inspire and motivate others through developing the skills of appreciation and caring.

She is dedicated to helping people make positive improvements by raising the bar of expectation, challenging people to discover the brilliance that has always been inside of them. Her trademark energy and enthusiasm for life, are sure to inspire audiences to discover creative ways to boost morale and improve performance.

Thousands have gained hope and confidence through her keynotes and winning approach to helping people learn how to say YES! to possibilities and success! She has spoken to schools and administrators, in classrooms and board rooms, to church congregations and special interest groups...all with the same spirit and message. She believes her purpose in life to be one simple thing... to lift people up and give them hope.

Marti is currently a leadership and skills development trainer for many leadership training programs throughout the country. She received her education from Dallas Baptist University, and is looking forward to publishing her first book on Praise Leadership™.
Marti Miller
"If you want this world to change begin with
yourself "
“ Attitude is contagious. Is yours worth catching?”
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