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"The ability to pay back and share all the good we've learned, in service to others."

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Motivational Mentoring

Motivational Mentoring is vital to success in the workplace

Finding ways to encourage others to accomplish great things is no easy task in today's busy workplace! Agendas, meetings, team appointed tasks and diverse strategic business directives, occupy the vast majority of our time and talents, leaving very few opportunities to share in supporting and promoting other's successes through mentoring.

Mentoring has been around since the early Greek and Roman empires . At that time, mentoring was seen as a way to foster and impart the sharing of wisdom and knowledge, and was often viewed as a task to be given to “enlightened individuals.” Today's concept of mentoring still values imparting wisdom and knowledge to others, but takes the idea of enlightenment to a whole new level. In the past, enlightenment may have meant many things, including, “something I know that you don't, or something you do that I can't.” Today, enlightenment in the workplace may mean more than that.

It may mean… “Teach me what you know and I'll teach you what I know, and together we will grow and learn something new.”

In today's workplace, mentoring is a shared process through which mutual benefit must occur for it to work. In other words, it has to be good for both parties and there needs to be some sort of satisfaction that is derived from the outcome of this special association. When thinking about entering into a mentoring relationship with individuals in the workplace, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Mentoring requires a commitment of time and effort to engage in positive relationship building. Make sure job freedom and flexibility allow you to share your business life in this way, because in the workplace… time is money. This will be a sacrifice as well as an investment.
  • Mentoring needs undivided attention applied in a focused manner throughout the process . Simply stated, you need to be willing to take the time “to share what you know so others may grow.” Other factors enter into a workplace environment, including work-related responsibilities and duties, positional authority, and the time constraints needed to achieve work-life balance. Set aside a concentrated period of time and write it in to your weekly planning. Treat your time spent in the mentoring relationship just as you would a regular business appointment.
  • Mentoring needs absolute honesty and integrity to work and be mutually beneficial. No need to be anything other than what you are, but mentoring requires the ability to build and share trust, especially when growing in the learning process. You don't want everyone in the workplace knowing what you don't know, and mentoring exposes people to being more vulnerable than usual.
  • Mentoring demands respect. You are placing yourself “at the feet” of someone else's knowledge base, so be selective when entering into this kind of relationship. This isn't to imply that we can't learn from people quite different than ourselves, but the energy it takes to disagree on every talking point, takes away from the whole point of mentoring. Make sure you are ready willing and able to agree to disagree without being disagreeable. Respect for another's point of view helps us to grow through the mentoring process.
  • Mentoring will bring about personal change. Expect it. All growth comes with a price. Some of the best growth ever experienced has come from deep disappointment, disillusionment and misunderstanding. Through mentoring, we learn to see other sides of difficult issues and can gain much from our willingness to allow others to point out blind spots and encourage our ability to see things differently.

Mentoring can bring about great personal change if we let it. “Learning from a master” has its advantages, especially when newly acquired skills learned from those associations begin to benefit our chosen professions, vocations and lifework. When we grow through the influence of another human being, we take with us something invaluable and vital to success in the workplace…

-Praise Leadership… At Work!™
Marti Miller
Marti Miller is a Keynote Speaker, Leadership Skills Trainer and Business Consultant, specializing in motivational management training. She can be reached at Praise
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