Marti Miller
Marti Miller
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Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to:

  • Inspire others to excellence
  • Lead and build momentum
  • Improve the quality of relationships in the workplace, community or home.
  • Teach others to excel through the spirit of appreciation and caring.
"The greatest good we can do for others is not to share our riches, but to reveal theirs."

-Author Unknown

Tell Me Something Good!
How to encourage through

When people are fully understood, openly accepted, sincerely appreciated and enthusiastically encouraged, they thrive in their own authentic, abundant energy, achieving their maximum potential.  When people feel better they do better.  By using dialogue to focus on the positive aspects of their lives, "Tell Me Something Good!" enables and ennobles people to create an internal, authentic energy to move beyond their limitations and towards their own personal brilliance.

The Power of Yes!
How to encourage through
raising the bar of expectation.

You Expect Success! Many times in life we cannot see the good that others see inside ourselves.  Raising the bar of their expectations challenges people to see the brilliance that has always been inside of them. It manifests possibilities where none have existed before. By revealing and developing their inner strengths, it inspires people to aspire to be what they were intended to be.

Lead Where You Live!
How to encourage through
role modeling.

Start where you stand!  Leadership, at its best, inspires and motivates participants to care about each other as the foundation of creating an enduring legacy.  People want to make a difference that outlasts their lives; they want to leave their music behind.  When you invest your time and talent through appreciation and caring, you plant the seed of hope, enabling people to discover their inner strengths and move beyond their own limitations.

Meet Marti!
An Expert on Praise Leadership™

Marti Miller has been a motivational speaker, trainer and edutainer since 1983.  Today, as an expert on Praise Leadership™, she has spoken in front of audiences nationwide, providing motivational training on integrity-driven success and leadership development.

Her Delivery Style...
Marti's trademark energy and enthusiasm for life touches her audience with a spirit of buoyancy and inspires them to discover creative ways to boost morale and improve performance. Through her keynotes and interactive Praise Leadership™ sessions, she has empowered people to encourage themselves and others, to raise and focus their expectations and to lead by example through the lives that they live.  Her presentations reflect her personal mission in life: to lift people up and give them hope.
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