Have you ever met a person that made you feel great just being around them?
The kind of person that always has a kind uplifting word to say to everyone they meet?
The kind of person that makes you want to be a better person? The kind of person that makes you feel like you can do anything you put your mind to?

That’s a PRAISE LEADER!!!!!

Each month we will feature a story about a PRAISE LEADER who is doing great things with their life and in the lives of the people they touch!!! You’ll find out how what makes them different and unique and learn from these gifted leaders how to lift people up and give them hope!!!!

Motivation by Marti!

Know A Praise Leader who has made a difference in your Life?
Please send their names to marti@praiseleadership.com with a brief description of why you think they are PRAISE LEADERS!

Tell Me something Good! about someone you know!!!! If chosen, I’ll ask their permission to include their story on this website.

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