"Attitude Determines your altitude! Get a good One!"

"Take responsibility for your life!
Do the right thing! Do the next right thing!
Got a question?
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we'll see if we figure it out together!

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Motivation by Marti!

"Passion + Focus + Relationship = Student Success!"

A goal without a plan is a dream!
Get some goals. “Think it then Ink It!”

  • Find a quiet place to study.
  • Get your stuff together! Get organized!!! Organization can be the key to your future success!
  • Focus. Focus. Focus. Put your pen on your paper... your mind on your pen... and then write your heart.
  • When you feel yourself getting bored or distracted with your schoolwork, WIGGLE YOUR TOES AND FEEL THE FEET IN YOUR SHOES! Just a little trick to help get you back on track and reconnect with what you need to be doing!
  • Read. Read. Read. If you don't love to read... read what you love!!! Choose something that interests you and read about that. Choose to read a little every day. Make it a simple habit. Try to stretch your time a little longer each day. Soon you'll be reading and understand more of what you're reading. REMEMBER... If you don't love to read... Read what you love!!!

  • The Moral Compass by William J. Bennett
  • Way to Be! By Gordon B. Hinkley
  • The Book of Virtues for Young People by William J. Bennett
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey
  • The Prayer of Jabez for Teens by Bruce Wilkinson
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